Application Process


The TRAC Fund Application Process

TRAC uses a transparent, competitive process to invite project proposals.

We solicit proposals through media advertising that targets businesses and through direct contact with businesses at workshops and seminars.

Step 1 - Invite Project Proposals
Step 2 - Proposals Vetted
Step 3 - Invitation For Full Proposal
Step 4 - Submit Proposal To Investment Committee
Step 5 - Successful Bidders Notified
TRAC follows a three stage process:

1.  Project Concept Notes

2.  Full Proposal

3.  Contract With TRAC

A more thorough process can be found here:
Working in Africa
  • Interested parties submit their Project Concept Notes (PCNs) outlining the intentions behind their ideas

  • TRAC Review and Evaluation Panel reviews all Concept Notes, and shortlists the most promising applications

  • Shortlisted applicants are then invited to submit detailed proposals of their projects

  • TRAC conducts due diligence on potential partners

  • TRAC’s Independent Investment Committee reviews and selects potential grantees

  • TRAC enters into contract negotiations with successful applicants

  • Contracts are signed. Project begins implementation.